The #backtoschoolfenelon challenge.

    By using the hashtag #backtoschoolfenelon, post a message on Twitter trying to be as powerful, witty and original as possible.

    The back to school game.


     The back to school poker game.

    You pick up a blue chip, say something about yourself including your name. You win 10 points.

    You pick up a yello chip, say something about one of your friends, you win 25 points.

    You pick up a green chip, you have to say something about your back to school feelings. You win 50 points.

    You pick up a black chip, you have to say something embarrassing or secret about yourself or a friend who will have to confim or contradict you assertions. You win a wonderful 500 points.

    Who gets the maximum points, of course, wins.



    The Reading Challenge, read as many books as possible and publish a comment online.

    By Clicking on the FOLLOWING LINK MY READING CHALLENGE, you will be able to read and choose books from a list. By adding a personal and original comment on the book you have just read, you'll be able to show me how many books you have read. There is even a contest going on the website, check the page out: