• seconde_euro_début_septembre

    Getting back to school, play the poker game.

    By picking up a chip, you'll be able to either talk about yourself, your friends, getting back to school and your feelings, your summer holidays or something embarrassing about yourself or about one of your friends.

    HW: prepare some notes at notes to interact with your friends.

    Monday, September 10th.

    The Poker game. Share with your friends.

    Written evaluation with Dracula. Summarize the extract and say

    something about yourself.

    Tuesday, September 11th.


    Brainstorming about 9/11 and why it's important to keep track of historical events.

     Mardi 11 Septembre.

    Session Getting to know each other avec les trois objets. 6 élèves évalués à l'oral.

    HW pour mercredi.

    Savoir se présenter à l'aide de la fiche.

    Mercredi 12 Septembre.

    Compréhension orale. Passports.


    Wednesday, September 12th (the twelfth)

    Sequence n°1: Me, Myself and I.

    1. Listening comprehension. Listen and complete:

    Récapitulation en classe+pairwork.

    Interview your friend à l'aide de la fiche.

    Mystery person N°1

    HW pour Jeudi 13 Septembre.

    Finir la fiche, relire la fiche.

    Jeudi 13 Septembre.

    Révision présent simple.

    Lundi 17 Septembre 2012

    Self portraits.

    Mystery persons, revealed.